Mulch vs Pine Straw

Mulch vs Pine Straw

When it comes to the choice between mulch and pine straw, there’s really no contest. Here are just a few of the factors to consider when making your decision:

Ground Cover

Mulch is a substantial ground cover as it conserves soil moisture and keeps tree roots cool during the summer while acting as a blanket in the winter.  It also naturally decays into the soil, enriching it over time.

Weed Management

Mulch suppresses germination of weed seeds better than pine straw.


Mulch is actually more cost effective than pine straw when costs are compared over a two year period of time. Pine straw typically lasts 6 months and therefore would require 4 installs over a two year period vs an annual touch-up for mulch.

Erosion Control

Mulch helps prevent erosion better than pine straw in part due to being 10 times heavier so the mulch stays in place.


Mulch looks better in your landscapes as the contrast between plants and mulch stands out better than pine straw.

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